Slack Channel

Join the Slack Community!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve got a slack channel for everyone to join to meet other like-minded individuals, get help from the community, and work on projects together! Join the Slack channel here!

Sentiment Analysis

Quantifying emotions in language using code!

Quite often, the data that we have is in a written format. We may want to convert that to a number for analysis, and so may analyse it ourselves using a set of criteria that we devise in our heads. However, this introduces human bias. To reduce this, we can create some code which will […]

Medical Calculators

How to make a Medical Calculator (SIRS)

Systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) is a problem in hospitals. It refers to widespread inflammation across the body. Using a simple program, we can create a calculator to rapidly (and automatically) determine if a patient meets the criteria for SIRS. Pre-Requisites Ensure that you read this tutorial to learn the basics of Colaboratory and how to navigate […]

Neural Networks

Predicting Hospital No-Shows using neural networks

Approximately 20% of medical appointments that are booked are not attended in the UK. This costs an estimated £1 billion annually. If we were able to predict who might not show up, we could take targeted measures to encourage them to do so, such as tailored text alerts or a quick phone call. Let’s try […]