Welcome to CodeMD!

After a slight delay, we’ve launched! What a journey it’s been to get here – with lots of twists and turns along the way. We’ve learnt a lot about what sort of platform you, our audience, is interested in – and we hope that we continue to develop with you in mind. As we launch, […]


Want to join the team?

At CodeMD, we’re looking to bring together a team to work towards the common goal of empowering everyone to innovate for healthcare! We’re looking for people with a special skill that you think will be important to teach clinicians, with a particular emphasis on coding skills. If you’re interested in joining, or even learning more, […]

Data Science

Data Science for Breast Cancer

Pre-Requisites Ensure that you read the Getting Started tutorial to learn the basics of Colaboratory and how to navigate around files, and the interface. We’ll be using Colaboratory for our code so we won’t need to download anything. Introduction With research, there’s often a lot of data that is produced, and no meaningful way to process it […]


AI for Chest X-Rays

Chest X-Rays are used all the time in hospitals. By using Machine Learning (ML), we can train an algorithm to triage our chest x-rays to highlight those with a high risk of pathology. This tutorial is one that will require lots of computing power – thankfully, Colaboratory is great at this, as it lets us […]